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  • Nacho Cheese  Shooter

    Nacho Cheese Shooter

    A mini Steakburger covered with nacho cheese goodness. Only $.89/$.99 w/cheese.

  • Hot Pepper Shooter

    Hot Pepper Shooter

    Add some spice to your dinner with a Hot Pepper Shooter. Only $.89/$.99 w/cheese.

  • Garlic Shooter Shooter

    Garlic Shooter Shooter

    Try our popular Garlic Steakburger in a miniature form. Only $.89/$.99 w/cheese.

  • BBQ Shooter

    BBQ Shooter

    Add some giddy-up to your next meal with BBQ Steakburger Shooters. Only $.89/$.99 with cheese

  • Buffalo Shooter

    Buffalo Shooter

    Combining Steakburgers and buffalo sauce is a good thing. Actually it’s a great thing. Only $.89/$.99 with cheese

  • Chipotle Shooter

    Chipotle Shooter

    Tiny burgers, big flavor. And spicy too with our special chipotle sauce. They’ll be gone in no time. Only $.89/$.99 with cheese

  • Frisco Shooter

    Frisco Shooter

    A Steakburger Shooter utilizing the power of Frisco sauce is a taste to be reckoned with. Only $.89/$.99 with cheese

  • Ketchup 'n Mustard Shooter

    Ketchup 'n Mustard Shooter

    So simple yet so good. The top two condiments of all-time make these Shooters absolutely devourable. Only $.89/$.99 with cheese

  • Ketchup 'n Onion Shooter

    Ketchup 'n Onion Shooter

    This fan favorite is sure to please as ketchup and onion complement each other so well. Only $.89/$.99 with cheese

  • 3 Shooters  'n Fries

    3 Shooters 'n Fries

    Combine your favorite flavors. Add cheese for $.29.